What is Live Bitcoin Blackjack

Live Bitcoin (BTC) blackjack is exactly what it sounds like: It is an online blackjack game that is played with a live dealer conducting the table. This means that instead of interacting with a computer algorithm or a graphic interface, you are seeing your cards being dealt in real time by a real person.

The dealers who manage these blackjack tables are trained professionals who can handle the game just like they would in an actual casino setting. This ensures that you get an optimal gaming experience that is on par with a visit to a popular casino facility.

The “Bitcoin” factor plays in through the mode of deposit, which uses BTC and other cryptocurrencies at times. These options mainly depend upon the casino platform that is hosting these games.

The Game is Played via a Livestream

Live Bitcoin blackjack is executed through a livestream. The video feed is directed through a casino set or an actual casino where the dealer and table are located. The game follows the traditional rules of blackjack, where the dealer carries out their regular actions right in front of you.

This livestream is easily available through a web browser. This means that you don’t have to create Zoom accounts or hand out your FaceTime information to play these games.

The livestream is typically set up as a one-way transmission, which means that you can see the dealer but the dealer can’t access your camera. More often than not, any outward communication from your end goes through voice or text.

As a result, the game provides you with the feeling of playing in an actual casino no matter where you are. This factor plays a big part in the popularity of live blackjack available with BTC.

It Gives You a Real Casino Experience through Online Platforms

Bitcoin blackjack live titles differ from random number generator (RNG) games, where your outcome is decided through algorithms.

While algorithms developed by reliable sources are trustworthy and dependable, they still leave a lot to be desired for those players who want a true casino experience.

It’s because RNGs rely on a heavy graphical interface to deliver their games. These game engines are also automatic, which means that they don’t have a human doing any live interactions on the other end.

In comparison, live casino games execute their experience through a real-world setting where the dealer is conducting the game for you. With that being said, reliable providers ensure that these tables remain free of any foul play.

This way, you can enjoy your favorite card games in their original setting without having to think twice about their authenticity.

It Provides You with a Convenient Way to Play

Due to a privacy-centered virtual casino experience that is delivered via computers, laptops, or even smartphones, live blackjack games have gained immense popularity within Bitcoin casino aficionados.

Similar to RNG games, you don’t need to take extensive time out of your schedule to dress up and physically visit a casino. With the help of live platforms, you can take in almost the same experience without jumping through hoops.

Despite the involvement of real dealers, the gaming experience remains right at your fingertips. Most of these games are also available 24/7, which means you can play them whenever you want. Similar to a real casino setting, all live games providers ensure that their dealers remain on rotation, which ensures constant availability of these professionals.

This convenience is also a standout feature of BTC live blackjack casino games. Among other benefits, this makes it stand right on par with RNG titles that are available with the same simplicity.

These Games Use Typical Deposit Methods

Live blackjack’s mode of delivery might be different from other RNGs. But its payment methods remain the same for the most part.

Depending upon the casino that is hosting the game, you can find a host of fiat currency and cryptocurrency options to place your bets. This of course includes Bitcoin, but it may also factor in other popular cryptocurrencies including but not limited to Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

The mode of payments for fiat currencies also vary upon provider to provider. Some can accept common deposit methods such as credit cards. While others only entertain third-party payment processors such as Skrill.

This gives you a variety of deposit options to choose from in order to play your games at your own terms. It also brings a significant ease of use to your gaming experience, and ensures that you don’t find a difference in them as compared to RNGs.

The Setup Process Doesn’t Differ From Typical Casino Games

As mentioned earlier, live games such as Bitcoin blackjack have a different modality to their delivery from RNG games. But their overall set up also remains the same at the player’s end.

For one, these titles are available from the same providers that offer RNG or graphic-based games. This means that you don’t have to look for specialized platforms that only deal in live games. Any reliable online casino can fulfill this need.

In addition to this, you don’t need to go through any special registration in order to play these games. You can easily move forward with creating an account and following the subsequent registration process for typical casino titles. From there, you can easily play your live blackjack without any issues.

Since live BTC blackjack is easy to set up and simple to play, it remains a top choice for those who cannot visit a casino at a given time or who just want to play through the comfort of their own home.

Why to Play Live Blackjack with Bitcoin

As outlined above, live Bitcoin blackjack differs from other online casino games in its overall execution. However, it doesn’t stray so far away from them when it comes to setup and delivery.

This adds an interesting dynamic to this live casino game and leaves the overall decision to your personal preference. However, if you are playing such a title for the very first time, it’s important that you take a thorough look at its pros and cons to determine whether it is the right fit for you.

To help you through this process, here’s a quick list of the advantages and disadvantages of playing live dealer Bitcoin blackjack.

Pro: You Can Emulate a Real Casino Experience From Home

First and foremost, playing a live BTC blackjack game lets you create a casino experience right from your home. Regardless of your location or your chosen device, the right live game can transport you to a casino setting without setting a foot out of your home.

This is especially true if you don’t have a reliable casino in your vicinity or if you don’t want to risk safety measures during the current times. By going for a live dealer game, you can resolve these issues without moving mountains.

Reliable live casino titles are developed in a way that perfectly depicts an actual casino. This emulates the experience of walking to a blackjack table in a casino setting and starting your favorite game in front of your eyes.

This makes sure that you don’t have to create a virtual experience in your mind while playing with digital graphic games. You can simply connect to a live dealer anytime in order to enjoy the experience of playing in a real casino setting.

Con: It Can Take a While to Get Used to the Setting

Playing a live casino game at home is similar to watching a concert on your phone or a theater performance on your TV. It’s an emulation of an experience that’s usually obtained in-person. Due to this shift in delivery, it can be a bit jarring at first.

For instance, instead of sitting at an actual casino table, you might be sitting at your desk or your bed. In place of speaking to your dealer face to face, you may be communicating with them through text or voice. And as a substitute to hearing the sounds of a bustling casino, you are surrounded by a serene quietness.

None of this is bad by itself. But these factors can take some time before you are used to them. This means that live games can seem just a bit unusual when you start with them. With that being said, once they grow on you, you are able to enjoy them to the fullest extent.

To put it simply, if you are playing a live dealer game for the first time, ensure to keep an open mind to the adaptive nature of the setting.

Pro: You Can Benefit from Special Bonuses and Offers

Live Bitcoin blackjack titles often come with higher betting limits due to their services. But they also carry some special bonuses and offers that aren’t available in RNG games.

This makes sure that you can reap some rewards out of your investment in these games. Depending upon the provider that powers your selected table and the site that is hosting it, these promotions can often make a huge difference in your gambling budget.

That is why, it’s important that you browse through different live blackjack titles before making your selection. This makes sure that you are selecting a game that gives you the most bang for your buck. This not only adds more incentive to your betting practices, but also helps you keep your spending down.

Altogether, these factors can add more fun to your gaming experience. This is especially true if you are dedicated to playing the same title over and over. By knowing that you will get a reward out of your gaming sessions, you can enjoy them to an elevated level.

Con: You Are Highly Dependent on Technology

Going to an in-person casino often requires you to put on your nice shoes and your expensive outfit. But visiting an online casino for live BTC blackjack doesn’t ask for any such thing. With that being said, it does require you to have certain technological solutions to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Apart from a modern computer, tablet, or smartphone, this also needs you to have some method of online payments in place. This typically involves cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. But depending upon the online casino platform that is hosting the game, it can also refer to fiat currency deposit options.

In addition to being familiar with online payment methods, you also need to have a high-speed Internet connection. This makes sure that you are able to watch the livestream without any problems and carry out your game in a worry-free way. Otherwise, you can run into technical issues that disrupt your overall experience.

That’s why, playing online casino games often calls for optimal access to technology. This ensures that you steer clear of avoidable issues and get the most out of your gaming experience.

Most Popular BTC Live Blackjack Providers

Live Bitcoin blackjack is offered by a wide variety of online casino platforms. But most of the time, these casinos do not create the games themselves. Instead, they simply reach out to sought after developers to simply host the games that have already been developed.

This practice allows these platforms to stay free of managing casino sets or setting up shop in land-based casinos. At the same time, it ensures that the games they are offering to their players are fair, tested, and free of any problems.

As a result, you may find that the live blackjack tables hosted on almost every reliable online casino come from a third-party provider. Almost always, these providers are also involved with creating graphic-based RNG games, which adds more credibility to their overall portfolio.

There Are Various Providers That Power Live Blackjack Games

There are various renowned developers in the online casino sector who bring live dealer blackjack titles to your screens. As outlined above, they are known for emulating a real casino experience in their live setup.

Some of the most popular providers include the following names.

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Vivo Gaming
  • Ezugi
  • Visionary iGaming
  • Lucky Streak
  • NetEnt Live
  • Playtech
  • Bet Games.tv
  • Authentic Gaming

No matter which renowned provider you choose, their overall setup remains the same. They employ trained dealers, they present dazzling sets, and they deliver engaging gameplay. The main difference in live games from reliable providers comes in the form of their decor setting, gaming mechanisms and betting limits.

These Games Are Available on Several Platforms at Once

More often than not, you are able to find live blackjack games from the same providers on several Bitcoin gambling platforms.

This relates to the distribution mechanism of these games, which allows their respective developers to publish their titles on various sites at once. The major distinction here comes in the form of the hosting casino’s transaction mechanisms and registration policies. As long as these factors suit you, you can choose any trustworthy online platform that appeals to you.

When your selected game comes from a reliable developer, you can take comfort in the fact that it is free of any illicit practices. It not only proves the fairness of the game, but also ensures that you have an enjoyable experience in playing it through your computer or phone.

The Selection of Providers Depends Upon the Casino

The availability of live blackjack games from these providers mainly depends upon the casino platform in question.

These live casinos make their decision based upon several factors such as licensing fee, available features, and betting limits. This sometimes leads some platforms to differ largely from their competitors.

For instance, some online casinos choose Evolution Gaming as their go-to live game provider. But there are other platforms that prefer Playtech to be a better fit for them.

Most of these online casino websites go a step further and license their games through a mix of providers. This lets them offer more variety through their overall selection pool.

Certain Policies May Restrict Availability

For Bitcoin casino platforms, business and content preferences play a big role in provider selection. But some platforms choose their live blackjack developers by assessing their availability in different regions.

It’s because not all live casino game developers offer their titles in every country. Some of them only offer their services in select territories. This can often happen due to content distribution or policy reasons.

This means that even when the publisher or host casino platform offers its services in a specific country, it may not be authorized to deliver its licensed live dealer blackjack titles in that region.

This is another reason why many online casinos opt to have multiple game developers in their gaming library. This ensures that these platforms can truly offer their services in different territories.

Live Blackjack Types Available for BTC

There are several types of blackjack live games that are available for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency transactions. As mentioned above, these titles mostly come from reliable vendors. However, you need to do your due diligence in order to steer clear of any potential problems.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common game types available for live blackjack.


As the name suggests, classic blackjack casino follows the standard rules of the game. Apart from being played with eight decks, it also complies with other traditional restrictions such as not being able to make a double down bet after a split.

The classic game also requires you to share your blackjack table with other players. You are typically not able to see them the same way you can interact with your dealer. But you can still be aware of the player’s availability and movements on the table.

Classic blackjack comes with the requirement of having to wait on other players’ turn. This adds a sense of realism to the game even if you are playing it in a virtual casino setting.

The classic blackjack is widely available through different providers. It also comes in different betting limits that allow for easy accessibility to anyone who wants to try out the game.


Speed Blackjack is a popular title from Evolution Gaming, and stays true to its name to deliver faster gameplay.

The game still works upon a shared table. But it does so with an interesting twist on the classic gameplay rules. As opposed to traditional blackjack where players have to wait for each other’s turns, Speed Blackjack gives precedent to the fastest player.

After the first two cards are dealt, you are directed towards the option to place your bets without having to wait on another player’s turn. As explained above, the fastest decision-maker takes the turn. This makes sure that you can play at your own pace, without paying premium prices for it.

This urgency injects an elevated level of excitement into the game, and lets players complete it at their own terms. With that being said, this mode doesn’t affect the gameplay calculations.


Infinite Blackjack is yet another title from Evolution Gaming, and takes its name from its quality of greater accessibility.

For one, the game allows players to benefit from even lower betting limits than classic blackjack. With it, it also lets an unlimited number of players join the table.

This means that any amount of players can join the game at any given time. This makes it an option that is always available, even during supposed rush hours where other live blackjack versions may not accept new players.

But despite the amount of players available in a single game, the gameplay is never affected in a negative manner due to this feature. To make sure that the game runs smoothly and without a lag, the title also offers physical as well as virtual cards for players to make their selection.

This particular mix of features turns Infinite Blackjack into one of the most popular live dealer blackjack iterations for all types of players.

Free Bet

Free Bet is another title from Evolution Gaming, which has grown popular due to its extensive betting features.

In this title, you are able to select free bets in your Double Down and Split bets. This gives you more chances to increase your stake in a game and allows you to take advantage of additional opportunities.

The best part? Free Bet is designed in a way where you are always notified whenever you qualify for additional bets. This ensures that you are able to nab the benefits without having to remember any special blackjack rules.

Free Bet also comes with the feature of unlimited seating, which adds to its accessibility factor. Despite its extensive outreach, the game doesn’t cause any performance issues. This makes sure that you don’t have to exchange the quality of your experience for additional bets or available seats.

This particular feature sets Free Bet apart from other versions of live blackjack and makes it popular among many players.


Power Blackjack also holds true to its name and provides more strength and strategies to players. This game is available through Evolution Gaming, and comes in various settings.

In Power Blackjack, you are able to make use of modified rules such as those that apply to Double Down bets and Split bets. Additionally, there are no 9s or 10s in any of the 8 decks in the game.

This makes this title more exhilarating for those who want to keep elevating the limits of their wins. Since this particular version comes from a renowned provider, it is typically available on a variety of platforms.

The betting limit in this iteration remains accessible to most players and doesn’t exclusively fall on the side of high rollers.

Salon Prive

This particular live blackjack caters to high rollers who want to play the game alone. Due to the exclusivity of the table and its sole availability to a single player, the betting limits on Salon Prive run higher than many other games.

But the game does provide an exceptional experience to those who want nothing but luxury in their casino games. The overall setting is quite elegant, but it allows for a simple and easy gameplay that can be executed without any problems.

Apart from the dealer, the game also has a manager standing by. This makes sure that if you face any problems as a high roller, you can get them addressed immediately.

This makes Salon Prive a highly popular option among those who don’t want anything to disturb their games. If you don’t want any compromises on your virtual gambling experience, Salon Prive is the way to go.


VIP Blackjack is an elevated experience of virtual blackjack, which comes with a sense of grandeur and a feeling of excellence with it.

The biggest feature of VIP blackjack is its higher bet limits, which start with larger amounts than most other blackjack games. As a result, they restrict access to anyone but high rollers.

This allows you to access the table with like minded individuals who treat their games with the utmost importance. While you still share a table with these players, you can rest assured that they come with the level of skill and experience that you want to see in your virtual casino companions.

The set in VIP blackjack is also a class apart. It still shows as being built in a casino setting. However, it comes with the certain finesse that you can see in VIP rooms within land-based casinos.

VIP blackjack is available through various providers such as Evolution. It is a highly interesting option if you play as a high roller.


Blackjack Party is another iteration from Evolution that stands apart from classic versions of the popular table game.

The standout feature of Blackjack Party is Bet Behind, which is often only offered in land-based casinos. This ability to place your bet on other player’s hands allows you to get the most out of a single game.

Bet Behind is available to an unlimited number of players, who can bet on the hands of any of the 7 seated players. When a seat becomes available, these waiting players can try their hand at an actual round of blackjack.

Blackjack Party also earns its name due to the ability of having one dealer as well as one entertaining host. This makes it a fun and frolic virtual gameplay party, which is a quick way to refresh your mind especially during the current times.

These qualities make Blackjack Party an excellent option if you are looking for something lighthearted but with the natural spirit of casino games.

What Bonuses are Available for Live BTC Blackjack

As explained earlier, live Bitcoin blackjack also comes with various bonuses and offers. These promotions ensure that you can get the most out of your game and enjoy these offerings beyond your normal gambling capacity.


This is one of the most popular promotions that is widely accessible through different casino platforms. It is also available in several iterations.

In typical cashback, you can earn back a certain percentage on your bankroll or bets on a blackjack game. This limit can apply to the amount you spend on your bets or the amount you lose in a single game.

Depending upon the type of bonus and the outlined percentage against your bets or losses, this cashback amount is credited to your account. You can then use it to wager on future games according to the terms and conditions outlined by your casino platform.


Tournaments are a huge part of live BTC blackjack, and hold a great appeal to experienced players. As the name suggests, these bonuses are often tied to certain policies of competition. But they usually follow traditional rules of classic blackjack.

In a live casino tournament, you typically play against your dealer to reach specific goals for a win. If you reach these goals, you can earn your rightful bonus as well as bragging rights to boot.

The ability to enter tournaments varies upon brand to brand. Some online platforms hold them every week, while others have them every month. Depending on your chosen casino platform, you can make use of these opportunities quite frequently.

Match Bonus

Match bonuses are bankroll boosting promotions that are applied to your overall deposits in the casino. For instance, some platforms may offer match bonuses on your first few deposits, while others may give you match bonuses for depositing funds on certain days of the week.

These match bonuses come with huge percentages such as 50 percent or 100 percent match with a limit of a certain amount. But live games are often delivered with lower wagering contributions. It means, that match bonuses are mostly profitable to take if you are playing slots.

Overall, live Bitcoin blackjack is a perfect fit for those who want to take in a virtual casino experience without going to a land-based facility. Whether you fall in this category or just want to give live games a try, live dealer blackjack might be the perfect selection for your needs.